Legs Diamond: Gear

Roger Romeo

Line 6 HD Heads (amplifiers)
Custom design Celestion speaker cabinets

Gibson Les Paul 1960 Classic Reissue
Gibson Howard Roberts Fusion
Gibson Melody Maker (1959)
Gibson Explorer II (1979)
Gibson Nighthawk
Custom design Jackson Soloist (1990)

Jeff Poole

Ludwig Drums
Zildjian K Cymbals
Paiste Gong
Axis Pedals
Vader drum sticks

John Levesque

Shure Beta 58 Mics
Fender Guitars

Michael Prince

Korg Triton
Korg BX-3
Korg 01W FD
Kurzweil K1000
Sequential Circuits VS
Roland Synths
Akai Samplers
Emu Samplers
Alesis DM5
Dynacord CLS222
Standtastic Stands
JBL Speakers
Pro Tools HD & Mix Systems
Gibson Les Paul Custom LH Guitars
Marshall Amps and Cabinets

Adam Kury

Lakeland Basses
Fender Basses
Ashdown Amps
Ampeg Amps


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